Meet The New “Performance Plus Advanced Control” Design!

The “Performance Plus Advanced Control” wheel is designed to be easily gripped in all kinds of weather. The advanced fingergrips on the back of the wheel give your hand more precision and positive control of your steering system.

The design also draws on South Shore’s extensive knowledge of wood and history of producing functional and aesthetic boat steering wheels that look commanding and stand up to the elements. All around, an outstanding choice for discerning boat owners.

Customize Your Boat Steering Wheel

Performance Plus Advanced Control is available with or without an additional steering knob. Our craftspeople have created the best boat steering wheel knob they could design.

Performance Plus wheels can be crafted in teak or other hardwoods, with ebony or holly accents, with a polished bronze or chrome plated hub. Hubs can be engraved with the vessel’s name or artwork, and hubs can be bored to fit any steering system. Learn more about hubs.

The Performance Plus Advanced Control has 5 spokes and is available in 13.5″, 16″ or 18″ diameters. They’ve been installed in vessels of up to 92′.