A ship’s wheel is the centerpiece of the cockpit.

South Shore has been making wheels in New England for generations. Master carpenter Bob Fuller has been building wheels since 1977, apprenticing under his father and grandfather.

South Shore Boatworks is the only builder of traditional ship wheels in the USA, and Bob is sought out around the world for his expertise.

Wheel-building is a balance of function and form. The wheel needs to stand up to rigorous conditions, but also needs to feel right to the captain, and complement the look of the cockpit and helm station. Fuller sees every wheel as its own artwork, carefully balanced and built to be tough and beautiful.

Here are some samples from among the over 900 traditional wheels South Shore has crafted over the last 40 years.

Customize Your Own Wheel

Every traditional wheel is unique, specially designed for your boat.

Sizes range from 13″ to 60″. They can be made with or without an outer rim.

Most wheels are crafted from teak or mahogany with accents of ebony and holly.

Hubs are solid bronze and can be polished or chrome plated, and can be engraved. Hubs are bored to fit and can match any steering system. Learn more about hubs.